Wednesday, 5 September 2012

No7's Foundation Match Service

Today I took a little jaunt into town and thought I would try out the snazzy new foundation matching service from No7 in Boots.  You can see some information about it here and see the stunning Lisa Eldridge talking about it here.

If I'm honest I wasn't sure what to expect but I do find it ridiculously hard to pick a foundation in shops where the florescent light are making everything look strange.  Then you want to try it on your face to see if it actually matches but there are hardly any mirrors and there is the fear that you will be left wearing too dark foundation on one half of your face for the rest of the shopping trip.  All in all its my idea of a nightmare.  That's why I love Benefit so much, they do all the hard work for you.  It is quite common amongst high end brands that you can be given a consultation and they will pick a shade that will match you.  Yet this is the first time I have seen it on the high street.

So in I popped to Boots, when I got in  I was disappointed that there wasn't much advertising for the service itself.  Had I not have known already I wouldn't have realized it was available.  However when I asked the women at the counter they were friendly and helpful.  They had a few technical difficulties with the device but this was solved with the classic 'turn it off and then on again'.  I heard two clicks when it was held to one side of my face (on the jaw) and then two more on the other side.  The magical device then determined that I am the shade 'Soft Rose'.  Shallow I know but I really like the name of this shade, usually I am a shade named something rather unglamorous like 'Beige'.

I was then given the choice of taking home some samples to try.  I chose to have a sample of Stay Perfect and also Beautifully Matte.  I really like this aspect of it as now I can try them out whilst during normal everyday things.  I will try one tomorrow and see how its holds up through the day.  I have never really used No7 foundations before so I am hoping that I like them and that they make fill the liquid foundation void in my makeup bag.

Have any of you tried this service?

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