Saturday, 15 September 2012

Life is beautiful because...of the X Factor

I am having a lovely relaxing weekend.  I decided to take it easy and prepare myself for my first day oat a new university on Monday.  I have a million and one things to do and only a finite amount of time in which to get it done.

Here is a sample of my 'to do list' -

  • deep conditioning hair treatment
  • paint nails (and toes)
  • face mask
  • exfoliate and tan my, still horrifically pale, legs
  • make and use a sugar lip scrub
  • buy food for my pack lunches
  • get all the stationary I will need.
  • pack my bag
  • print out bus timetables
  • do laundry 
  • pick a first day outfit
  • have a nervous freak out
Even though I have a lot to do I am trying to enjoy my last weekend before all the hard work starts so I am watching the X factor in my pajamas and I am contemplating going to rummage in the freezer for some ice-cream.  

I have been really enjoying the X-Factor this year, although I much prefer the guest judges to Nicole Scherzinger.  My favourite moment so far was watching Gary Barlow literally running away from a particularly bad act.  You can see it here, I am sure that tonight's episode won't be quite as eventful but I am still hoping for some good entertainment.

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