Friday, 21 September 2012

Life is beautiful because...of comfy sofas

Today me and a friend went to Costa for a drink and a catch up.  Now I am often mocked for the fact that I don't drink caffeine* so whenever I am catching with a friend Costa is my coffee shop of choice due to their amazing iced drinks.  I have been known to order these on snow days (much to the amusement of the boy behind the counter).  Today I went for the vanilla cooler which is basically an iced version or a milkshake.  Delicious though I did get the dreaded brain freeze a few times.  Inside the shop they have the kind of leather sofas that almost swallow you up.  We sat all snuggled into the sofa drinking our drinks and having a good natter until we realized that everyone else had left and that the staff were probably hoping to close up soon.  I often find that a comfy sofa helps me to relax, that combined with a friendly face helped me let go of some of the stress I have been feeling and make a few big decisions that needed deciding.

*This isn't a health thing.  I just don't like tea or coffee and therefore caffeine in energy drinks or fizzy drinks effects me in a big way.  It is for the sanity of everyone around me that I try to steer clear.

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