Saturday, 8 September 2012

Life is beautiful because...of fantasy shopping

I am now quite a way into my spending ban and although I have slipped up a couple of time I am feeling fairly proud of myself.  However lately I have been feeling very tempted to just pick up 'a couple of bits'', but it would never be a 'couple of bits'.  It would escalate and then I would be suffering from buyers remorse whilst sat on a bed covered in things that I have no room for.

As such I have been trying to control my urges (ooh-er) by fantasy shopping.  As a child I would spend hours whenever the newest Argos catalogue came out flicking through it and deciding what I wanted to spend my pocket money on.  I would start by writing an embarrassingly comprehensive list (item, page number, price etc) and would then go through and cut the list down to what I really wanted.  This was a hobby of mine throughout childhood.  As I got older I would decide on household things I wanted for when I became an adult (still from the Argos catalogue).

I have now moved on from handwritten shopping lists and I am no longer limited to Argos.  The internet has opened up a whole world of fantasy shopping to me.  Today I have been dress shopping on Dorothy Perkins, jeans shopping on ASOS and makeup shopping on FeelUnique.  All without spending a penny.  Then again I haven't actually bought anything but i still got a strange enjoyment from browsing.  I guess it is the online version of window shopping.  You know you can't afford to buy the things but sometimes it is just nice to pretend that you can.

Where do you do your fantasy shopping?

What has been making you happy today?

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