Monday, 17 September 2012

Latest in Beauty - Box 1 Review

I told you all on in this post on Wednesday that I had been naughty and ordered some samples from Latest in Beauty.  Well this morning I heard a slight thud as it was dropped through the letterbox and I practically ran to open it.  I really do love getting things in the post, especially when it is lovely beauty things.

So what did I get inside it?

I got two 1ml samples of Creme Divine a product from L'Occitane.  This seems to have really good review and has a couple of awards under its belt as well.  I'm really glad I chose this as one of my samples.  The full sized 50ml pot retails at a whopping £67 making these two sachets worth £1.34 each.

Next up is a product from a company called Elemental Herbology.  I received three 2ml samples of one of their products, Cell Food.  I chose this sample because I was interested to try a facial serum plus it is always nice to try out new brands.  The full sized bottle is sold for , again quite a lot, £42 for 30ml.  making the sachets I have worth £2.80 each.

The final thing was a surprise to me as I opted to receive a 'mystery sample'.  I am so glad I did as it is something I have been wanting to try for a while now - the Advanced Night Repair from Estee Lauder. I received a very generous five 1.5ml samples.  The 30ml bottle of this sells for £44.00 making my sachets worth £2.20 each.  

I am so glad that I ordered this box, these are all things I am excited to try and none of them are things I would want to purchase at full price without trying them first.  It is nice to have a little bit of budget luxury in my life.  I paid £1.50 for the box and the contents are worth £22.08.  I will definitely be getting another one of these when new samples come out.

I will post reviews of these products when I have tried them out.

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