Monday, 24 September 2012

Life is beautiful because...of random knowledge

I may have mentioned before that me and my friends are regulars at out local pub's Monday night quiz.  I have now been going almost every week for three months.  Our team have never won in this time (although we came second by half a point once - very frustrating).  We didn't win tonight either, however each member of our team managed to answer their own 'oooh I know this question'.  We all have them but I rarely remember the correct answer in time.  Tonight the question which would have haunted me was: 'Who was the merchant in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice?'*.  I know it seems silly but all of us were really pleased with ourselves despite only coming fourth.  Sometimes it is the random information you collect over a lifetime that gives you the most joy.

*It was Antonio if you were wondering

What has been making you happy today?'

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