Saturday, 22 September 2012

Life is beautiful because...of rekindled friendships

Today I met up with someone who I have barely spoken to in a few months.  At one time we were best friends but time and certain disagreements meant that we drifted apart.  Before we both finished university we had been making the effort to get back in touch yet when we were both in the same area we didn't speak or see each other.

Then on Monday she text me out of the blue asking if I wanted to catch up.  It turns out she thought I was avoiding her and I had thought she was avoiding me.  Once that little misunderstanding had been cleared up everything got a bit easier.  We ended up chatting about everything and nothing for over five hours and it reminded me of how we were when we were teenagers.  I am so glad that she text me that day and that I have the opportunity to have her in my life again.

What has been making you happy today?

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