Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Life is beautiful because...of first days

There is something simultaneously both exciting and terrifying about first days.  Today was my first day at my new university and I spent most of the 2 hour bus journey there worrying about things.  Did I have everything I needed?  Did I look ok?  Did I remember to lock the front door?  Will the other students be friendly?

As horrible as it is to spend time worrying it just made me that much happier when I realized that everything was ok and that I had the answers to those questions that were bothering me.

Did I have everything I needed?
Yes and more.  (sunglasses and umbrella anyone?)

 Did I look ok?
I looked fine, not amazing, but that isn't really what university is about anyway.

Did I remember to lock the front door?
Yes, thankfully.  I never usually worry about this but yet today of all days it popped into my head - typical.

 Will the other students be friendly?
Of course they were.  I went and had lunch with four other students and they were all really lovely.  One girl in particular I really clicked with and we spent a lot of time giggling in between lectures.

In a nut shell that is why I love first days so much.  That moment when the worry gives way and you realize you are at the beginning of a really exciting time in your life.  There isn't much else that gives you that feeling.

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