Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Life is beautiful because...of books

I have spent a large chunk of today in a library.  I love libraries, one of my fabourite places on earth is the library within The British Museum.  It is beyond stuning.  It reminds me of the library in Beauty and the Beast.  I love everything about books.  The feel of the pages (I am not a fan of e-books), the sound they make when I turn them, the smell of old books and most importantly the hours of entertainment that they give me.

My love of books started from a very young age.  I would often hide myself away and escape to another world through the pages of a book.  A few of my favourite books from childhood are:

The Faraway Tree trilogy
Ella Enchanted
Each Peach Pear Plum
Guess how much I love you
Journey to the River Sea

I studied English Literature at university and in some ways it curbed my love of books by making it a chore rather than a joy.  However since graduating I have been reading a huge amount and it gives me such a lot of happiness and entertainment.

What do you love about books?

What has been making you happy today?

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