Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Life is beautiful because...of chatty strangers

Since I was a teenager I have noticed that I seem to attract strangers at bus stops.  I have had a guy tell me about the the fact that the day before the police had raided his house for drugs.  I was once told off by an old man that I hadn't learnt to drive yet (obvious from my reliance on the buses).  Another time an old lady bragged to me about her son who had written his masters in a foreign language.

Today I had another bus stop encounter.  An elderly lady waiting for the same bus as me was telling me all about the 'do' that her daughter was throwing for her 63rd birthday.  I quite like talking to people at bus stops, on trains and in queues it helps pass the time and I you sometimes meet really interesting people that you wouldn't meet under normal circumstances.  I do wonder though  if I am sending out some sort of signal that makes people talk to me.  Maybe I just have 'one of those faces'.  

Do you find yourself befriending strangers in odd places?

What has been making you happy today?

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