Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Project Pan #4 - Naked Sea Minerals in the Buff Renewing Body Scrub

The 4th item on my project pan list will be the Naked Sea Minerals in the Buff Renewing Body Scrub.  this has been hanging around in the bathroom for a while now and it was starting to annoy me so I made it my mission to finish it off.  I am often very lazy and cannot be bothered with exfoliating my arms and legs but I am always amazed by the difference it can make.

I don't think you can get this anymore which is a shame as I really quite liked it.  I wouldn't say it was the best I had ever tried but it did its job and didn't leave me or the bath feeling oily.  I usually go for sugar scrubs so having a salt scrub was a nice change to the shower time routine.

Would I repurchase?  Yes I think I would if i saw it again.  Naked have really reasonable prices considering the fact that they are natural without all the nasties that we have been told to avoid.  It also makes me want to branch out from just their shower items and maybe experiment with their hair care.

What Naked items would you recommend?

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