Thursday, 23 August 2012

A little shopping trip

So its confession time, I have been a bit naughty again.  I am having a girls night out tomorrow and needed a couple of bits from town but got a teensy bit carried away.

I went into town knowing that I needed to get shampoo and conditioner and some new black flats, and here is what I came home with...

I am a out and proud flats girl, I own heels but for a night out dancing I choose comfort over glamour.  My favourite flats of all time are from none other than New Look for a mere £7.99.  I must own them in nearly every colour, however I always wreck the black ones fastest as I wear them the most.  You can see the black ones here and the lovely nude coloured ones here.  They are really soft and because they aren't made of a stiff material they don't rub me at all.  Another thing that I love is the fact that they bring out new colours for each season so I can never get bored.

The shampoo and conditioner I had decided on were from John Freida's go blonder range.  I have heard very mixed reviews (for example fleurdeforce's and missbudgetbeauty's)about these products but wanted to give them a go myself as I quite fancy having my hair a little lighter for what remains of the summer.  These were on offer at Superdrug for 2 for £7.49 along with many other John Freida products.  I also picked up the sheer blonde nourishing shampoo as the lid had been damaged so it was reduced to £2.  It was definitely a spur of the moment buy but I am interested to see if it is any good.

The other thing I bought, that wasn't really on my list, was the serum and hair masque from the TRESemme split remedy range.  These were also on offer (got to love a bargain) at Superdrug, 2 for £6.99.    You can see the serum here and the masque here.  I have read some rave reviews for these so am really looking forward to trying them out, plus they smell incredible.

The final thing that I picked up is off my wish list and it is the Max Factor  nail polish in Fantasy Fire.  it is the most beautiful shade, photos truly don't do it justice but you can look at more swatches here to get a better idea of just how much the colour changes in different lights.  I also bought this from Superdrug where it is currently £2.99 instead of £3.99.

I am happy with all of the thing I bought and feel as if I got some good deals on things that I am going to really enjoy using.  Keep you eyes peeled for review of these products.  Now I am off to start beautifying myself in preparation for a night on the town.

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