Saturday, 25 August 2012

Life is beautiful because...of naps

After a wonderful night out with my friends I was feeling pretty knackered (and my feet were in agony) but I managed to stay awake for a while.  Then at about 1 ish it all caught up with me, so I did what any self respecting 22 year old does.  I had a nap :)

It might seem like an old womanny thing to do but like knitting and baking I feel it should make a comeback and become socially acceptable.  Curling up in bed at 1 o'clock and and sleeping for a couple of hours can change your whole outlook on the day.  I awoke fresh and happy (though fearing that I could have been fb tagged in last nights photos whilst asleep) and have now had a pretty productive afternoon.

So here is my suggestion to you: have a nap, you might learn to love it*

What has been making you happy today?

*disclaimer, I can not be held responsible for any nap addictions.

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