Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Life is beautiful because...of junk food

There is something about eating food that you shouldn't that is extremely satisfying.  I'm fairly sure if I was told I had to eat chocolate everyday I would quickly go off it.  Equally if lettuce was to be outlawed I'm sure a black market for would appear for icebergs and romaine hearts.

Today I indulged my need to be naughty and went with my sister to a certain drive through near us.  lets just say that we were 'lovin' it '.  So we sat like naughty children on the sofas giggling at the fact that even as adults it feels as if we are getting away with something.  Its that same feeling I used to get when I managed to dip my fingers into the cake batter without my mum noticing.

I like to think I am fairly healthy but sometimes it is lovely to just take a break from the media driven health consciousness and enjoy food.

What has been making you happy today?

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