Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Project Pan #2 - Dove Colour Care Reviving Hair Mask

Another empty for you all today.  This one is the Dove Colour Care Reviving Hair Mask, I have had this floating around for a while and was putting off using it because I like it so much.  Its actually the second jar that I have used up (the first being ages ago).  I bought it from none other than Poundland (hence the Non-English on the packaging).  That's right this little baby was only  £1.  I bought it a while ago and I'm not sure why exactly other than I love hair masks and it was only one pound.

I recently bleached the end of my hair so that it would be a little bit ombred, however it has frazzled (not the crisps) my hair.  In an attempt to remedy this I have been using hair masks even more than usual.  This one left my hair feeling much smoother and considering what I paid for it I think it did an amazing job.

I had never tried any of Doves hair care but this has tempted me to look into their other products.  Would I repurchase it?  Yes, I would even pay more than the pound I originally spent.  However the huge stash of hair masks and the fact that I am not sure if this is still available probably means that I won't.  The product that they are currently selling that looks the most similar is this.

What do you think of Dove hair care?

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