Thursday, 18 July 2013

Travalo - not just for perfume

Travalos (Travali?) are one of my favourite ever finds.  I think I bought my first one in October of last year and I soon bought a second.  For a while I was really happy with my set up, I had one in my bag filled with 'day-time' perfume and I had another that I could put in my clutch bag which I filled with my favourite 'night-time' perfume.  So that's how it stayed, I flitted between my two travalos and it was a wonderful system. Until  I had an idea about how to pack my toiletries efficiently for trips away.

So I went online and stalked the Fragrance Direct and Cheap Smells websites (my favourites for beauty bargains .  In the end I bought the following from Cheap Smells: a set of pink and gold travalos, a clear travalo with a black lid and a clear travalo with a purple lid.  So I ended up with four travalos (more than I had planned on, but when the internet shopping monsters comes out it me it is hard to control) for under £30.  A bit of a bargain I think.

The two clear travalos are going to be used for something a bit special - skincare.  I wanted a way to easily see the difference between perfume and skincare bottles and I thought the clear ones would serve this purpose well.  Nobody wants a face full of perfume.  The one with the black lid has been filled with my favourite toner of the moment - This Works 5 in 1 water.  The one with the purple lid is for my Urban Decay all-nighter spray, and yes I did buy the purple lidded one because it matched the UD colours - I'm that sad.

I love my new system, much better than travel spray bottles, takes up far less space and is more than adequate for short trips away.  As always the travalos are easy as pie to fill up and wonderfully simple to use.  I'm so glad I have done this, and I'm pretty sure this won't be the end of my travalo buying days.

Have you got a travalo?  Do you love it as much as I love mine?

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