Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Selfridges Festival Beauty Box

You may remember me mentioning a rather naughty Selfridges haul and all of the lovely goodies it contained.

As promised I am going to show you the contents of the Festival Beauty Box and give you my first impressions of each of the items.

Here you can see all of the things that I found within the box, a bit of a bargain at £25 I think, especially as the value of all of the items is £110.  Also as a slight aside the background for each of these photos is in fact my favourite dress of the moment, I bought it when Dorothy Perkins started their sale and I have been loving wearing since the sun has come out.  You can find it here for only £15, it really is quite beautiful.  Anyway, back to the beauty...

First up a definite essential at festivals, wipes! These do smell good but I'm not totally sure I would chose these over any other brand.  I am a big believer in massive packs of Johnson's baby wipes, I use them all the time.

Next up we have a stunningly beautiful glitter nail polish in 'Champagne'.  Azature made headlines last year with their extortionate ($250,000) real diamond nail varnish.  This bottle apparently also contains a diamond which is super fancy, if a little pointless, if you ask me.  However this colour is has completely sold it to me.  It reminds me of China Glaze's 'I herd that' - I'll have to do a comparison post for you all.

Next up is a massive disappointment, I have always had Topshop makeup on my wishlist but never got around to purchasing anything.  I was really excited for this as I love matte lips at the moment and this looked like a nice natural lip colour.  However...this is horribly drying on my lips, it exaggerates every tiny flaw.  I could live with that if I loved the colour but I don't I hate it.  Instead of a nice natural colour it comes out as a garish barbie pink which looks horrendous on me.  It reminds me of bad lipstick from the 80's - not good.  I'm going to try to find a loving home for this but honestly I think I might struggle.

This lipgloss has a similar colour and as such is equally unsuitable for my colouring and my tastes.  However the formula on this is much nicer.  I would look in to other colours in the range but if I'm honest I'm not a massive lipgloss fan.

These look fab, I cannot wait to have an occasion to wear these.  If only my uni days weren't behind me.  Ah well only a few months until Halloween.  Ideas on how I can incorporate these into an outfit will be much appreciated.  

Antibacterial hand gels are always handy (no pun intended) so this will happily live in by bag.  I usually swear by the Soap and Glory 'Hand Maid' but this smells just as good and claims to be hydrating.  I have high hopes so hopefully it can live up to the claims.

I was very excited for this, I have been loving the trend for pastel hair.  Unfortunately I have very dark brown hair so I'm not sure if this will show up, I'll do a full review soon.  I really do hope that it does work as I would love to rock some pink streaks this summer, or maybe pink dip dyed tips...the possibilities are endless.

This is an item I have used and loved previously.  The Eyeko skinny liners are fab, go on easily and last for ages.  I bought one years ago and loved it however when I went to repurchase I saw that the prices had been hiked up by quite a bit alongside their re-brand.  Feeling stubborn I decided to resist but I am happy to have it back in my life (and makeup bag).  On the other hand there are lots of liners of the high street that are equally nice so I would never buy this at retail price.

This is an item that helped sell the box to me.  It is a beautiful Illamasqua cream shadow in 'Surge'.  This is stunning, I will definitely be using this a lot this summer.  A beautiful smokey silver colour.  If this is the standard of Illamasqua products I will definitely be invested in some other pieces.

I can imagine this glitter stick being really fun to use at a festival, but for me I think it might be one of the dressing up box.  I really wish it was more acceptable to wear large amounts of glitter on a daily basis...maybe I'll try to spear head the campaign.

This coconut cooling spray may become my new best friend this summer.  I love coconut and I like the idea of it contains lots of nice natural things.  I'll be spritz, spritz, spritzing away.

Overall I am really happy with this box, although some things aren't for me I have also discovered lots of brands and items that I had't tried before.  My favourite items are the Illamasqua cream eyeshadow, the coconut cooling spray and the Azature nail polish.  A lovely treat...now to plan a festival trip for next summer.

You can find the Selfridges Festival Box here for only £25.  But you'd better hurry if you're interested its limited edition and with gems like these inside I cannot believe it will be around for long.


  1. Love all the products, jealous! x

    1. There really are some wonderful bits, I always think beauty boxes are such a great way to try new things. x