Thursday, 25 July 2013

Little Boy Blue - Blue Nail Polishes in Honour of Baby Cambridge

So unless you've been living under a massive rock you will know that here in England we have had a royal birth.  That's right Kate and William (aka the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) have had their first child and future king, George Alexander Louis.  To celebrate this lovely event I thought I would gather some of my favourite blue nail polishes to celebrate the birth of this already famous little boy.

I have gathered quite a collection in a variety of finishes and shades of blue.  They range in price from eye watering OPIs to the wonderfully purse friendly Barry Ms.  I was somewhat horrified to find that I owned quite so many shades of blue, shamefully this isn't all of them, just my favourites.  I need to go on a spending ban, that much is quite obvious.  However in searching through my collection I have found two dupes for you, I knew my hoarding collecting would come in useful at some point.

Here are all the colours that I selected.  Starting from the top and continuing clockwise:

Denim by Barry M is a wonderfully glittery matte navy.  This colour really is quite unique in my collection (which considering it's size is a real achievement).  The colour is stunning and the formula is amazing as always.  Quite a few Barry Ms appear in this list as they really are incredible for the price.

Blueberry Ice-Cream by Barry M is a lovely pale sky blue.  Not unique but the superb formula and price make this a wonderful addition to any collection.

Up All Night by China Glaze is a shimmering dark blue, almost the glossy equivalent of Denim.  I have also managed to find a near dupe for this colour - Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in Navy Baby.

Navy Baby is ever so slightly darker but also has the magical shimmer that makes Up All Night so special. From a distance you wouldn't be able to tell them apart and you certainly don't need both of these.  In terms of formula I slightly prefer the Sally Hansen but I know some people dislike the wide brush.

Kendall on the Catwalk by Nicole for OPI is a spectacular blue, green and purple glitter explosion.  I like to wear this when I am living out my mermaid fantasies.  I really gorgeous colour whose only fault is a stupidly shaped bottle and the fact that it is a pain in the bum to remove.

Rue Montmatre by L'oreal is a greyed out dark blue that almost verges on purple.  I really do love this colour, its dark without being too vampy.

Sea Spray by China Glaze is a beautiful pale grey with a blue hue.  This is a lovely colour with a tan and is a sneaky work colour.  Subtle and elegant without giving the dreaded mannequin hands.

Serpentine Road by Nails Inc is an amazing shimmering bright blue which seems to be lit from within. Gorgeous, that's the only word for it.

The Sky's the Limit by Sally Hansen is a bright blue that verges on turquoise.  A lovely bright summery colour.

Bobbing for Baubles by Essie is a dark almost black blue colour.  Very vampy and sexy.

Lorelei's Tiara by China Glaze is a mixture of silver and light blue glitters and another colour with a cheaper dupe - Sally Hansen's Gem Crush in Showgirl Chic.

As you can see they are practically identical.  Showgirl Chic has slightly more blue particles which I personally prefer.  They are both wonderful though - particularly nice as a snowy winter polish.

Cobalt Blue by Barry M is the standard primary bright blue colour, it is so vibrant and lovely for these summer months.

Thinking of Blue by Sally Hansen is a slightly darker blue and not as vibrant, slightly more subtle.

Bikini So Teeny by Essie is a pale blue with tiny (practically invisible) silver glitters.  I wish the glitter was more visible but it is still a lovely colour.

Road House Blues by OPI is a dark navy which leans a little purple.  

Cyan Blue by Barry M is a bright light blue, a really fun colour,

Paris Avenues by L'oreal is a dark grey which looks blue in the light.  I love this one, I will have to get a back up bottle just in case (L'oreal's bottles are too tiny).

First Mate by China Glaze is another classic blue colour with a wonderful formula.  This is from the 2011 Anchors Away collection which is one of my favourite ever collections.

Queensgate Terrace by Nails Inc is the perfect cornflower blue, this one is so pretty and girly it makes me want to skip through meadows and pick wildflowers.

So those are my picks for baby blue nails.  What are you favourite blue nail polishes?  Are you celebrating the prince's birth?


  1. This is a really creative post! I like how you matched showcasing your blue polishes to the royal birth. Sea Spray and Kendall on the Catwalk look gorgeous. From my own collection, I personally like Celestial by Topshop. Like your blog too- looking forward to reading more posts! =D