Thursday, 24 January 2013

Project Pan #8 and #9 - Soft and Gentle Deodorant

So here we have a rather sexy item - deodorant.  Oh yes, its an exciting post this time.  To try and make up for the less than thrilling item I thought I would do two at once to save your suffering   The items in question are Soft and Gentle's Linen and Wild Cornflower Extra Dry deodorant and Soft and Gentle's Gerbena and Waterlily Anti-White Marks.  

This is one of my favourite deodorant brands, mainly because it is often on special offer and it works well for me.  I always seem to go back to this brand but I don't have huge favourites when it comes to scent.

Would I repurchase?  Yes, I would, when I am totally out of supplies and it is on special offer I will be picking some more up.

Have you ever tried this deodorant?

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