Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Years Beauty Resolutions - 2012

So, it's that time of year again - resolution time.  I'll admit that I am usually terrible at these, I normally promise to eat healthily and then gorge on left over Christmas chocolate on  January 2nd. Disgraceful I know :p.

This year along side all the normal resolutions that I am destined to never stick to I decided to make some beauty resolutions.  I have tried to choose things that I genuinely think I can stick to.  I think it will be interesting to look back in a year and see which ones I have managed to achieve.

So here goes.

  • Try to use things up and cut down my collection/hoard.  To quick this off I will be starting the 100 day spending ban with other lovely ladies such as L'amour Josie and The Black Pearl Blog.  This is in keeping with my project pan (which isn't as successful as I want it to be).  I want to continue to whittle down my collection to just my favourite pieces.  To do this I will be shopping my stash each month and trying not to just stick to the same things all the time.  My rules will be that I cannot buy any     makeup or beauty items. I will also be stopping buying books (unless for uni) and no buying food whilst out.  The only exceptions will be going out for people's birthdays.  Hopefully this will help me take control of my finances.  Even after the 100 days are over I hope to try and limit the amount I buy this year as truth be told I really don't need to buy anything it't just that I get so drawn in by new colours or good bargains.  

  • Find a skincare routine that I love and use it.  I am very lazy when it comes to skincare.  I have been blessed with fairly good skin so I have managed to get to 22 without needing much more than face wipes and moisturizer every now and again.  I am also often quite bad about taking off makeup before bed.  This year I want to find skincare products that really work for me and get into the habit of using them.  I am aware that if I don't start looking after my skin I will regret it in years to come.

  • Have a monthly pamper session.  I want to take the time to have guilt-free me time.  So I want to get into the habit of at least once a month having a big pamper session.  You know the ones where you look like a creature from the swamp as you walk around with face masks and hair masks on and then people a hugely unpopular member of the house as you lounge in the bath until your fingers are raisins and the water has lost all heat.  

  • Wear my hair down more.  Sounds like it should be easy but my hair is usually very mischievous and does not like to behave itself.  Therefore I will need to make an effort to do 'stuff' to my hair in order to be able to wear it down and still look nice.  So hair masks and hair oils will be my best friends and I  may even invest in a good pair of hair straighteners.

  • Drink Water.  I am appalling at drinking water.  I sometimes realize at the end of the day that I have only drunk one or two glasses.  I desperately want to get better at this.  Water is one of those miracle workers.  It can improve hair, skin, nails and general well being.  I think this may be the one I struggle the most with as it is something I will have to remember to do everyday.

So those are the things I will be trying to achieve this year.  What are your resolutions?

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