Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Why do you wear makeup? TAG

This month's Tuesday Tag was created by the wonderful Sprinkleofglitter and Beautycrush, you can watch their responses here.  It is basically about finding out your makeup history and is called 'Why do you wear makeup?'.

When did you begin wearing makeup?

I didn't have much of an interest in makeup as a young child.  My mum almost never wears makeup and I am the eldest girl so I never really saw people putting makeup on.  One thing I really got into was body products and nail varnishes.  The thing that got me into these was The Body Shop.  When I was about nine years old I was taken my great aunt to The Body Shop and was in awe of what was there and in fact spent all of my holiday money in there (which I slightly regretted when we then went into The Disney Store).  The range I was particularly in love with was the Oceanus scent, to this day the smell of it brings back memories of that trip.

I started experimenting with makeup when I was about 13 or 14, sadly this was mainly involving blue eyeshadow.  In my defense I didn't know any better.  At college I would wear mascara and tinted lip balm on a daily basis with eyeliner making a guest appearance every now and again.  When I started working on my gap year I started wearing makeup on work days in order to feel more 'put together'.  Then university rolled around and my attitude to makeup changed again.  I could never be bothered in the morning as a few extra minutes of sleep seemed more important than putting on makeup for lectures.  However I also started going out properly in the evenings.  This is why I started playing around with foundation and other makeup items which I had never really bothered with before.  Now I love having makeup as something fun to wear for a night out and if I have the time or the inclination I sometimes I put it on in the morning before I head off to uni.

How do you feel without makeup?

It depends if I was popping to the supermarket I wouldn't bother to put makeup on.  For university I almost never wear makeup, but if I do it is just a quick bit of mascara and lip stain.  If I am going to the pub or going out for lunch or dinner I will wear the same and maybe a bit of powder foundation.  For a night out I will normally go all out on the makeup front.

During the day if I wasn't wearing makeup I think that I would honestly feel fine as I don't wear it often anyway.  If I wasn't to put makeup on before going out in the evening I would feel fine but maybe not quite as confident as I would like.  I have gone out clubbing before whilst being barefaced and I'll admit it did feel a little strange.  I did feel as if people were looking at me strangely but that was probably paranoia.  After a while I started to forget about it and I had a lovely night anyway.  I think overall it just depends on the situation and who I am with.  I dislike being with a group of beautifully made up girls when I have no makeup on, somehow it makes me feel as if I am lazy for not making that effort.

What do you like about makeup?

I like the way makeup can help me feel like a different person.  I used to have my 'work' makeup and it turned me into 'work Rosie'.  She wasn't afraid of stroppy customers and was always infinitely patient.  It can improve my confidence for when I happen to bump into that guy that I have a crush on or even more importantly the dreaded ex-sighting.

Another thing I adore about makeup is that you can use it to express the way you are feeling.  Smokey eyes are for when I am feeling flirty.  Red lips is sexy and vintage.  Thick eyeliner is for when I am angry about something and want to channel my grungy teenage years.  I used to change my hair colour to suit my mood but makeup has taken over that duty.  It is my way of communicating with the world how I am feeling that day without saying a single thing.

What are three of your Holy Grail items?

First would have to be Benefit's Hello Flawless powder foundation
Second is The Body Shop's Lip Stain
Thirdly is a bit of a cheat because it is my Urban Decay Naked Palette.

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