Saturday, 6 October 2012

Magazine Freebies - October 2012

This month we are very lucky in the 'freebie' department.  I do love a good freebie, and not one of those cheat ones where you have to go to a counter or send away.  A good old fashioned on-the-front-of-the-magazine freebie.  Today I picked up two magazines, In Style and Marie Claire (which I don't usually buy), purely because of the free gifts.  Naughty I know, but it gives me something to read on the train and I get a little beauty treat as well.  Win win.

First up we have In Style and their Benefit goodies.  I was extra chuffed with this one because it was on offer in Tesco, £2.50  instead of £3.80, bargain. I picked up Bene tint as it was the only thing left but I am quite glad as I know I like the product and this is a nice travel size or good for having in my handbag.  The other things available (if you can find them) are Sun Beam and Cha Cha tint.  I am tempted to keep my eyes open, especially for Cha Cha tint as I would really like to try that one.


I have never bought In Style before but I have to say I rather enjoyed it.  My favourite bits were the interview with Chloe Moretz (is it strange to be in awe of a 15 year old?), their profile on the new gothic beauty trend and their A-Z of beauty.  The A-Z of beauty included many of my personal favourites and has made me think about doing my own version as a blog series.

The other magazine that I bought was Marie Claire.  The free gift with this one was a 30ml tube of L'occitane's hand cream.  It was available in various scents; shea butter, date bouquet, rose petals and mango flower.  I decided on mango flower as I thought it sounded a bit different (plus I am a sucker for all things mango).  I'll tell you right now it smells amazing.  Personally I think it smells like mango not mango flower but it is lovely either way.  I think this would be a perfect handbag hand cream except for the fact that it is rather luxurious (and expensive, were you to replace it) so I think I would save it for special occasions.  I am tempted to pick up the shea butter version as well but I'm not sure I can justify it.

The magazine itself is fatter than In Style but this could be down to extra adverts.  Either way I liked that it felt more substantial in my hands.  My favourite parts of this magazine were the interviews with women in love with the styles of different eras, an article about the quest for finding the perfect perfume and a page of 'Good Princess' vs 'Evil Queen' makeup looks.

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