Saturday, 27 October 2012

Favourite Fall (Autumn) Nails - Dupes and Alternatives

I love nail varnish, it is somewhat of an addiction for me.  Every season I like to pull out a few which I think I will be wearing more than any others.  It makes it that little bit easier to decide on a nail colour in a rush.  I thought I would show you six colours that I think will be living on my nails for the next few months.  Due to the fact that I have a ridiculous amount of nail polishes I have been able to find cheaper dupes and good alternatives to my more expensive polishes. All are shown with one coat and no top coat. 

Here we have my more expensive picks for Autumn.  L-R: China Glaze - Recycle, OPI - Gouda Gouda Two Shoes , OPI - Big Apple Red , Nails Inc - Piccadilly Circus, Nails Inc - New Burlington Place, China Glaze - Agro.  These all have an rrp of over £10 but can probably be found for less if you shop around.

These are their lower priced counterparts.  L-R: Barry M - Grey, Revlon - Endless Possibilities, Revlon - All Fired Up, Barry M - Raspberry, Models Own - Pinky Brown Beetle Juice, Models Own - Golden Green Beetle Juice.  These are all under £10, with most being around the £5 mark.

Now on to the swatches and comparisons. (Warning: Picture Heavy)

First up we have the greys.  I love grey nail polish, to me it feel like the kind of rebellion that is acceptable for work.  I love pairing grey nail polish will really girly dresses.  For the swatches you can see Barry M (grey) on the left and China Glaze (recycle) on the right.  They are different but unless you a nail polish obsessive like myself you probably don't need both.  They both had lovely formulas so on this instance I would say save your pennies and go for Barry M.

Next up is neutrals.  These are the classic nudes that every girl needs in her collection, after all the brights of summer I always crave these colours as soon as the leaves start to change.  For the swatches you can see Revlon (endless possibilities) on the left and OPI (gouda gouda two shoes) on the right.  These colours are very different in my opinion. The OPI can seem a little 'old ladyish'  but it does have a lovely subtle gold shimmer.  The Revlon is a beautiful girly pink.  So I would just go for whichever appeals more to you.

I love red nails, I know they can polarise opinion but I just think they look really sexy when done right.  for ages I have been on the hunt for the perfect red which is still not over.  I like both of these but they are both slightly too bright for me to promote them to holy grail status.  On the swatch you can see Revlon (all fired up) on the left and OPI (big apple red) on the right.  I cannot see a difference between these colours  I would go as far as to say they are dupes.  However I much prefer the Revlon formula so I would definitely go for that one.

Berry tones are a wonderful way to give your look an Autumnal feel.  The swatch colour is more accurate than the bottle colour here.  The swatch shows Nails Inc (piccadilly circus) on the left and Barry M (raspberry) on the right.  Again these both had flawless formulas and are near enough the same colour.  Another money saver from Barry M.

I love the beautiful shimmering colours.  The swatch is Models Own (pinky brown) on the left and Nails Inc (new burlington place) on the right.  The swatch doesn't do these justice, they are are both beautiful complex colours.  The Models Own is darker and more purple whereas the Nails Inc is more pink and orange.  The Nails Inc applied slightly better and is my favourite of the two, however it depends on what you prefer colour wise.   

 Lastly is the moss greens.  Another classic Autumn colour.  The swatch shows Models Own (golden green) on the left and China Glaze (agro) on the right.  I much preferred the formula of the China Glaze and like that it is darker in colour.  However the Models Own has a lovely golden shine.  They are sufficiently different to own both but if you were to pick one I would recommend the China Glaze.

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