Monday, 30 July 2012

Why now? Why me?

So what brought this all on?  Well for a while I had been aware that I bought things at a much faster rate than I used them up.  After moving home from university I realized with horror the exact amount of stuff I have managed to accumulate.

Then one fateful day whilst browsing through the internet at beauty blogs (like the addict that I am) I saw this post from the wonderful Estee here and it encouraged me to put myself on a spending ban.  After reading several comments to her post I was directed to a 'project pan' video done a while ago by Amarixe here.  So those are the catalyst that led me to embark upon this challenge.  I realize that to most people not buying makeup etc wouldn't be a huge deal, but for me - sadly it is.  I love beautiful things, be it makeup; glass decanters; vintage teacups or flowers.  I can't seem to help myself.  Yet I have probably enough beauty supplies to open my own version of boots, and certainly enough that I do not need to buy anything for a long while.

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