Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Rules

Okay, I figure if I am going to do this I should set myself some ground rules so that I can't (as I usually would) find loopholes which 'allow' me to buy more things.  After thinking it through I have come up with 5 rules which I think are fair but most importantly that I think I can stick to.

The 5 Golden Rules

1) Project Pan will not finish until I have used up (not just hit pan) on 20 items
2) I must use up whole products (not just one eye shadow in a palette)
3) Things that I throw or give away do not count towards my total
4) I can buy if something needs to be replaced (ie. I have no more of that item from any brand - eg. shampoo) but then that item does not count towards my total
5) If I see something from my wishlist heavily discounted I can buy it as long as I don't use it until Project Pan is over.

I think that is it to start with, I may add more as time goes on.  What rules would you suggest?

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